Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding

We, live in Tokyo spend calm day. Supply of foods, mineral water or other things reverts to normal. Small earthquakes sometimes happen. I felt small shake at home just now. However a lot of victims who lost their home or can't live at their home stay in places of refuge now.

There was one joyful topic for us. Royal wedding in England was on air and we blessed young prince and princess in flont of TV. New princess, Princess Catherine is so beautiful and I'm glad to see Prince William's smile in wedding ceremony. His smile reminds me very much of his mother, Princess Diana.
Japanese people loved her. She has visited two times in Japan and we welcomed her very much. Her bashful smile was so cute.

I hope Princess Williams and Princess Catherine are happy forever. They come to Japan after recovery of this earthquake and we want them to see our beautiful country and feel our culture. We will heartily welcome them. 

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S said...

how lovely words!

yes the two pri nces are very cute, and they look very happy together, god bless them!