Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo skytree is new tourist attraction in Tokyo.  It become the tallest tower in Tokyo. Tokyo Tower was tallest until April. So many tourists and people who live in near Tokyo visit there.
It is so tall and gorgeous.  

The building at next Tokyo skytree is a building of Japanese beer company, Asahi Beer in Asakusa, famous downtown area.  
Sumida river 隅田川 runs near this area. The river is very famous place as firework 花火 in summer.  
We can see a lot of beautiful fireworks in Tokyo. So firework festival in this year will be so  
exciting one.


S said...

I LOVE Asakusa area, it is my favourite in Tokyo!

But sincerely, I prefer the old Tokyo Tower ;)

Tee said...

I've been there! Explored the Asahi building but didn't find much inside. I like the gardens to the left of the Asahi building, very peaceful :)

Japan is such a beautiful nation, you can see both the old and new there.

Anonymous said...


I just found you blog and I am so happy! I am really interested in Japan and your culture and it is so great to be able to read about it on your blog. I have just started to read from the very beginning and I will comment more later. And maybe even ask you some questions. :)


Sweet Memory said...

Hi everyone. Thank you for your comments. I'm glad to know you are interested in us and our country.

There are a lot of beautiful and fantastic places in Japan. So I hope you enjoy other places!