Monday, July 16, 2012

Holiday in Omotesando 表参道 and Harajuku 原宿

Today is a national holiday, umi no hi (the day of sea) 海の日. Almost people have (sanrenkyu) 三連休 (three day's holiday running in Japan. It is rainy season in Tokyo. But yesterday was sunny day and today is, too. It's like a summer.
I went to Omotesando 表参道 yesterday. Omotesando is one of my favorite place in Tokyo. Sando 参道 means the approach to the shrine and  Omotesando is the approach to Meiji Shrine. 明治神宮 Meiji shrine is one of recommended place. It is so holy and calm.
Now the approach is a fashionable street from Harajuku (station) to Omotesando (station). There are a lot of shops along the street and so many people come to shopping and walking around in holiday.  You will be surprised at many people. Harajuku and Omotesando are sightseeing spot in Tokyo for even Japanese and foreign tourists.  There are many sophisticated cafe, restaurants and shopping centers. We can find some trendy clothes and accessories.

I walked around with an umbrella for protecting sunshine and looked for some goods in many shops. I found my favorite item in a tableware shop.

What is this do you think ? It is a glass Hashioki 箸置き.  It is for putting on chopsticks. (put on 置く, chopstick 箸)

I think we seldom use hashioki every day. It is used for guests in our house and we can see traditional Japanese-style restaurant. I rarely use it, but I liked it. 

I walked for a long time under hot sunshine, but enjoyed shopping time. 


yanub said...

I thought hashioki were commonly used! I am surprised! Thank you for telling me something new.


S said...

waa, really cute!

Sweet Memory said...

I don't hear about using hashioki at my friends' home. However, I think it isn't used in daily life.

And your Japanese is so good! We understand it. But it is better to use 第(dai) before number 3.

The answer of your question is 海の日は毎年七月の第三月曜日です。
私はあなたの日本語が上達するのを応援します。がんばって!(You can do it!)