Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rainbow 虹 (Niji) on Golden Week

This week is golden week in Japan. Four days are national holidays this year. So we can have a rest enough for Japanese.  Some people go to their hometown, go for abroad, go shopping....'m

I saw a Iranian film "A Separation" in Shibuya 渋谷 yesterday, Bunkamura movie theater. Shibuya is one of big town in Tokyo and a lot of young people like to go there and shopping. A lot of people on crossing in front of Shibuya station is very famous. (You might be surprised at so many people...)

The film is very interesting story. I could know about a Iranian and Muslim life a little. Aged care is a serious problem in Japan and I knew it is a problem in Iran, too.
All of people in the story are kind and sincere. However, they tell a lie and hurt. but we can't blame them easily. Because they love and want to help their family. Two children in the film are innocent and cute.

I saw beautiful rainbow on my way from Shibuya near my house. It has been a long time to see rainbow. So beautiful. I was happy.....            


Tee said...

虹は神の約束ですね!Do you know the story? :)

Ilia Temelkov said...

I love your blog :). Very nice little stories out of Japan. It's warming to know how people on the other side of the globe are warmed by these beautiful things like a rainbow :). Keep it up.

Sweet Memory said...

Hello, Tee

I don't know this story. Is it romantic story? I want to know that.

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, llia!
Thank your for your message.
Maybe it is first message ?
I'm happy you enjoy my blog.

I want to share happy things anytime. I believe happy words and comfortable feeling spread to anywhere.

Tee said...

There is a story in the Bible about Noah's ark. God sent a big flood that covered all the earth because of the evil that people were doing. But Noah was a holy man. God told him to build a ship and bring 2 of every animal with him. God protected him and the animals from the flood. When the flood ended, God showed Noah a rainbow. It was God's promise to us that He would never send such a flood again :) Everytime I see a rainbow, I think of 神の愛。

Sweet Memory said...

I didn't know this story.
Thank you!
We can feel amazing nature power whenever we see beautiful rainbow in the sky...