Saturday, April 21, 2012

ゆるキャラ Yuru kyara

 There are a lot of cute anime character or mascot of products or baseball team. I recently like ゆるキャラ "yuru chara".  Yuru chara is abbreviation of Yurui Character and new Japanese word.

A adjective  original "Yurui" ゆるい means loose, gradual, slow, or easygoing. This meaning of "Yurui" for "yuru chara" is strange, unique and crude, but cute and funny. (It is very difficult to explain in English! )
Yuru chara is mainly a mascot to introduce the prefecture, city, place or event.
For example, "Hyikonyan" ひこにゃん is a mascot of Hikoneshi 彦根市 in Shiga prefecture. Sento-kun せんとくん is a mascot of ancient city, Nara prefecture. I didn't know how many kinds of Yuru chara, however, so many mascots in Japan. 

My favorite mascots are Oshinari-kun おしなりくん and Tomapi トマピー. And I found a funny mascot, nashite-kun ナシテ君. It is a mascot of a local TV station in Niigata prefecture. You might find your favorite mascot in site of yuru chara. ↓  


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Ricky said...

Hello ! Thank you for your comment! Your Japanese is excellent! You can write Japanese, too. It is difficult for other countries people to write and use Hiragana, Katana and Kanji!!

ゆるキャラは日本で大変人気があります。それぞれの県(prefecture)や都市(city or town)を宣伝するため(promote)するため作られています。わたしはくまモン(熊本県)とふなっしー(船橋市)が好きです。

Andreas said...

then what does 緩んだまま (yurunda mama) as in this comic means?

does that mean as "being cute and funny" ?