Saturday, March 3, 2012

Doll Festival ひな祭り - Sakuramochi

Today, the third on March is a day of Doll Festival. It is for girls. Family that have daughter display the dolls for Hinamatsuri in the room. Hinamatsuri is called seasonal festival of peach (momo) 桃.

I feel spring's coming in Japan. It is cold in March in Japan, however, we can see some flowers of spring. Peach or Japanese apricot (Ume) 梅....
I love Japanese sweets and Sakuramochi さくらもち is eaten on Doll Festival. Japanese "momo" is same as pink of color. We can call pink Momoiro 桃色in Japanese. The color of sakuramochi is pink. It is covered with leaf of Sakura. The taste of leaf is salty. Since the pink rice cake is sweet, harmony of taste is excellent.

We put away the dolls after March 3. Because a popular belief says that daughter could marry soon when the dolls are put away soon. I think it is just a superstition. However, every parents always hope their daughters become happy.                

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