Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saint Valentine's Day in Japan

 14th in February is Saint Valentine's day. We can buy a lot chocolates for Valentine's day in department stores in Japan. Many women select chocolates for their boyfriend, co-workers and themselves. Valentine's day is special event in Japan. 

I went to a famous department store in Tokyo this weekend. The store was crawling with so many women. And there are so many counters in the store. Belgian, Italian, Swiss, German, America, Japan, UAE...... I saw delicious chocolates of a lot of countries and could taste them. I was satisfied with some piece of them. All of them were so delicious. 

Since Valentine's day in Japan is one of commercialism, I always haven't send chocolates to my friends for a long time. The chocolates are so expensive. I know they are famous maker's ones. When I went to Belgian, I ate delicious chocolates of Neuhaus or Pierre Marcolini. I love them. However, too expensive in Japan. The frenzy is strange for me. 

However, I yielded to temptation this year and bought chocolates that made in Japan for my family and off course myself. The box and chocolate's shape is so cute. The price is not expensive. I especially liked the box. Also chocolates are so delicious!

Is Valentine's day special event in your countries ?

Chocolate box is decorated with paper cherry blossom (Sakura)



zed chu said...

They all look cute. ^_^

FabrizioTorri said...

I cannot speak for all people who lives in Italy, but I wouldn't say that St.Valentine's day is "important". It is a special nice day for couple in love to give each other presents and maybe go to dinner in a restaurant. Only couple do that, I mean that nobody gives a present to someone with whom don't have a current relationship: we give presents to our girlfriend (or fiancèe or wife) not to someone who'd like to be our girlfriend. The present could be anything, from a diamond to a flower, it depends by the money available...I add that in a couple it's almost mandatory that the male gives a present to the female while the other way round can be considered "optional" (this I guess comes from the time when less women than man had a job to pay a present..)

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, Zed chu, thank you for your comment. Japanese chocolate is so delicious, not too much sweet.

Sweet Memory said...

Hello, Fabrizio!
It is very interesting!Thank you so much.
I understood St. Valentine day is very important in Italy. It is very romantic. Because it is OK that the present isn't chocolate. If I were Italian woman, I would be waiting for coming St. Valentine day so soon....

I think this day in Japan is for chocolate trade.

There is a recent song of this day. It is "Chocolate Disco" by Perfume.

S said...

In Italy St. Valentine is called "the lovers" celebration. Only lovers exchange presents (mostly chocolate gift) each other.
all other people who are not lovers are excluded.

When I was a girl I was waiting for this celebration with many expectations, meaybe to receive some St. Valentine Letter from someone who secretly fell in love with me.

Well actually never happened =_=

But the feeling was important.

Now I have been engaged for several years, so at St. Valentine I and my boyfriend use to exchange presents and wishes each other :)

Sweet Memory said...

In Italy, women who are loved by boyfriend are so happy, aren't they.

And I'm glad that you spent happy happy Valentine day this year.

Thank you for your information!