Sunday, March 11, 2012

After 1 year

I remember that day one year ago. I didn't think how serious the earthquake was and influenced to our future in Japan and all of the world.

A lot of people in Tohoku have lived in temporary housings and children don't play outside for a long time in Fukushima. There has been many debris in devastated area for a year. Nuclear power plant problem is so serious even now and our anxiety for radioactive material continues for a long time.....
Sorrow of victims and anxiety for future don't disappear. Mental situation deteriorates.   

As my personal opinion, we don't need nuclear power plant. The damage is inestimable. The present condition in Japan proves that it is huge. It is too risky for us. There is a problem of nuclear fuel waste We have to change to alternative energy and think about our daily life. Japanese think about energy after this earthquake. I try to not to use useless electricity every day.

It might take long time to reconstruct for all problems. However, we have to resolve it step by step.



dtedac said...

Sweet Memory,
I agree with you. I think that nuclear power is a danger in Japan. The whole country is active with potential earthquakes, so this type of energy will continue to be a big problem. I hope that they can switch to other means of producing energy. It will be safer for everyone! Arigato.


Sweet Memory said...

Hi, David

We use much limited energy to live. I think now is time to change our system to waste energy. Thank you!