Monday, September 19, 2011

Trip for Takamatsu 高松 and Nao shima 直島

I went for a trip in Takamatsu and Naoshima (island) in Kagawa prefecture. Kagawa prefecture is one on Shikoku island 四国. There are four prefectures, Kagawa, Ehime, Tokushima and Kochi in Shikoku.

Kagawa 香川 is famous for Sanuki Udon (noodle). I love Udon and eating Sanuki Udon is on of my aim for this trip. It takes one and a half hour by airplane or four hours and a half by Shinkansen from Tokyo to Takamatsu.

I went to Naoshima to see modern art museums. Art Setouchi is an art project. I heard from my co-worker that it was interesting. And I've never seen to Setouchi (Seto island sea). So I decided this trip.
I went to Naoshima by ferry. There are some art works at the island. I could see an red and dot big pumpkin at the port. Artist of this work is Yayoi Kusama.  Her dot painting is famous.
Big Red dot Pumpkin
And another art work of pumpkin is exhibited in the island. It is yellow dot pumpkin. 
Yellow Dot Pumpkin

Benesse House is some museums and Hotel. This establishments are designed by famous Japanese architect, Tadao Ando. He designed a lot of buildings or establishments. Omotesando Hills in Tokyo is one of his works. I especially like Chichu Art Museum. I could feel harmony of space, light, and quiet for art works and musiam.
Ie project (Art House Project) is interesting. One art work is exhibited in old Japanese style houses.
Naoshima is very small island, however I could relax and feel fusion of nature and art.   
I will introduce my trip in Takamatsu City next time.                  

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