Saturday, September 24, 2011

Green and Deep Breath

I will write my trip for Takamatsu City.

After breakfast I went to Ritsurin Garden. This place was Japanese style garden and very beautiful. I have been to some Japanese gardens in Japan. It is one of my favorite garden. Pine tree (Matsu) 松 is typical Japanese tree. A lot of pine trees planted and there are some ponds and bridges. I walked around in the garden watching green and felt relaxed.   

I could drink green tea and Japanese cakes (Wagashi) 和菓子 at tea house, Kikugetsutei.

View from tatami room.    
The view from tatami room was aesthetic. It was very calm and quite. I forgot time passing. I ate green tea and cake.

green tea and wagashi

Wagashi's shape expresses nature, especially flowers for each seasons. This expresses Kikyo 桔梗. Kikyo is one of typical Japanese flowers. I love wagashi and it was very delicious.
Sitting without nothing, only deep breath... I could relaxed.

I ate Sanuki Udon for lunch after visiting this garden. It was so delicious, too.  
Delicious foods and feeling nature is my pleasure of trip ! There are a lot of places in Japan that I never been to. However, I could know again Japanese beautiful culture and scenery at this trip.
I want to visit many places in Japan. 


S said...

so so so so beautiful - I feel so sad not being there :((((

Sweet Memory said...

The garden was so beautiful. I could relax seeing green leaves and beautiful garden.

S said...

don't you need an Italian girl speaking italian-English-Japanese over there in Japan? :,(

I would every possible thing to have the possibility of live where such beauty can be seen! *___*

Sweet Memory said...

I'v never been to Italy, however I think your country is so beautiful, too. And I love Italian foods! They are very popular among Japanese people.

What places in Italy do you recommend? Italy is one of countries that I want to visit.

Tee said...

Hi there! I chanced upon your blog by accident while looking for a Japanese song... You have a really beautiful blog and your sharings about life in Japan are so interesting :)

I'm from Singapore actually, and one of my dreams is to work long-term in Japan. I've been to Japan twice this year, once to Tohoku after the earthquake and another to Kyoto and Tokyo :) I'm visiting again in November this year!

I'm learning the Japanese language now so I look forward to your entries! Keep writing :)

Tee said...

Would you recommend that I go to Roppongi / Odaiba? I wanted to go the last time but missed the chance.

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your first comment!
you have been to Japan a lot.
I have been to Singapore once.
Foods in Singapore was very delicious!

I don't know much Roppongi and I have never been to Odaiba.
So I'm sorry to recommend much.

However, There are two big buldings in Roppongi, Roppongi hills and Midtown. There are many elegant shops and restaurants. But a little expensive. It might be interesting.
And I like a National Art Center Tokyo near Roppongi, Nogizaka 乃木坂. It is a new museum and so excellent museum.

If you have any questions, I will answer your questions.

Tee said...

Thank you so much! Yes, Singaporean food is quite popular among Japanese! My tomodachi in Japan love laksa (spicy noodles) and kaya (coconut jam) :) Japanese food is also very popular in Singapore. I love ramen, sushi and sashimi! I still don't understand nattou yet :P