Sunday, February 6, 2011

Senbei せんべい

When I go to a trip abroad, there are some Japanese foods that I want to. Miso soup, natto (Fermented beans) Udon or Ramen, etc. These are difficult to bring in foreign countries. (However, we might eat Japanese foods in some countries now...) But I definitely bring a Japanese snack for trip.

It is senbei. Senbei is most useful food to bring because they are so light. Basic senbei's taste is soy sauce and the shape is circle. It is so simple taste. There are a lot of kinds of senbei. Soy sauce taste wrapped with sea weed (Nori), salt, cheese, sugar... I love all kinds of senbei.

I always enjoyed cuisine of each countries in my trip. I like to try to eat local foods. However, when I eat local cuisine every day, I sometimes get tired of them because they are oily or heavy for our stomach. Especially sweets, chocolate, cakes too sweet for Japanese. Sometimes I want to eat Japanese foods, not oily and simple foods. A piece of Senbei and a cup of green tea makes me happy in a whole trip. It is portable and it can be packed in suitcase. It is difficult what we bring our favorite other Japanese foods. Some pieces of senbei and teabag of green tea are essential items for my trip. ( A cup of green tea is necessary to eat senbei, I think...)

Senbei is one of popular souvenirs for tourists who come to Japan. When you visit Japan, please try eating it.              


cuteandcurls said...

I think I must've tried senbei before but it was so hard to bite through :) What are the ingredients in senbei? I like to think of senbei as a comfort snack :) if only it wasn't too hard for me to bite hehe

Sweet Memory said...

There is very hard one however,there are a lot of kinds of soft senbei. The ingredient is glutinous rice (Mochigome). It is same for rice cake (Mochi).
I think senbei is healtier than other snacks.