Saturday, February 26, 2011

Panda Came To Tokyo

Two of giant panda came to Ueno zoo at Tokyo last week. We can't see them now. However, especially people who live in Tokyo are waiting for coming to Japan. Some giant panda had been kept in Ueno zoo, however, people couldn't have seen cute panda in Tokyo.

Giant panda was one of popular animals in Zoo. The motion of panda is very cute. It's like stuffed doll. I haven't gone to zoo for a long time. I want to see this panda at Ueno zoo.
But I was surprised at high lease cost. It's just Panda diplomacy. Also panda eat a lot of

There is a Japanese word about panda. It is kyakuyose panda. 客寄せパンダ This means person who is very popular and can get audience on show or performance.
And cute character, tarepanda たれぱんだ is famous and It became very popular about a decade ago.

The name isn't announced now. But we can see cute panda in near future. I'm looking forward to seeing them.    


Anonymous said...

Panda is such a cute creature arent they? Docile too ..its amazing to see how tiny they are when they are a mere cub and when they grow, they truly grow!

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment! I smile naturally when I see panda bear because it is so cute.