Sunday, July 18, 2010

Takoyaki たこ焼き  

Paul of octopus is a topic during world cup 2010 in Japan. It is surprising talent (Is it a coincidence?)

Octopus 蛸 is one of well-known ingredients in Japan. We eat some mollusks, octopus or squid for traditional Japanese food.
Takoyaki たこやき is very popular food for us. Originally it is a food of Osaka, west area (Kansai area) in Japan. It is eaten in Tokyo now. (I think culture of west and east, Osaka and Tokyo, is very different.)
Takoyaki is a grilled dumpling and small piece of boiled octopus (tako). It is very Japanese worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, a piece of dried bonito (Katsuobishi), and dried green laver (aonori) are put on takoyaki. Combination of these flavoring is excellent. *Aonori あおのり is one of seaweed.
When I was a child, takoyaki didn't prevailed in Tokyo. I had never eaten it. However we can eat anywhere in Japan now.
If you visit Osaka, you must try to eat Takoyaki and Oconomiyaki. They become typical Japanese cuisine.


cuteandcurls said...

I absolutely love takoyaki. When I go to Isetan over here, I like to buy 2 pieces of them ..a bit rich but i cant help it ^_^

Sweet Memory said...

Is there Isetan in your country?
Isetan in Tokyo is my favorite department store. I love there.
Especially, a lot of excellent foods are sold. However, they are expensive a little.

cuteandcurls said...

Yes there is ^_^ and its the only one here. I do like Isetan especially the supermarket as they carry very fresh produce BUT yes their price are quite expensive.