Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mugicha (Roasted barley tea)

This summer is very sweltering hot. We want to drink a lot of cold beverages in such hot summer.

I think Japanese like tea. There are some kinds of Japanese tea in Japan. You might think we drink cold green tea 緑茶 in summer. Certainly a lot of bottle of cold green tea are sold at supermarket. I buy it and drink at office to cool down. However, we usually drink another special tea in summer, mugicha 麦茶 at home. I keep mugicha in refrigerator and can drink anytime. A cup of mugicha is so nice to drink after taking a bath or at the time to come home.

Mugicha is aromatic and tasty. Also it is so healthy. Mugicha is suitable for Japanese sweet cakes. When I drink cold mugicha, I feel Japanese summer.

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cuteandcurls said...

A penpal of mine from Nagano once sent me some barley tea, i never had it before and i must say i really love the flavour especially when served chilled. You are right it is aromatic and tasty.