Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup in South Africa

Present No.1 topic is FIFA world cup in South Africa in Japan. We haven't expected Japanese football national team wins the games for first stage. Japanese team defeated Denmark team yesterday early morning in Japanese time. Japanese players can play for next stage. I watched the game at 3 A.M on TV. It was no waste of time to get up early and cheer them.

Recently Japanese league, J-league, is not popular. It is one of a reason that star players are out of Japan. Also our national team lost recent matches before world cup.
However, Almost Japanese people cheer our team in front of TV now. Although South Africa is far from Japan, many Japanese supporters go to South Africa in order to cheer. It almost takes 24 hours to go by airplane.

Keisuke Honda, became new hero. He scored 2 goals in World Cup. Yesterdays free kick was marvelous. Kick off of next game is 11 P.M on Tuesday next week. A lot of people will cheer and get excited. I hope Japanese team win.


Peekaboo said...

Japan and especially Honda has been excellent so far. They have every chance to win against Paraguay and reach the quarter-finals.

I'll be cheering them on as well!

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry that Japan lost yesterday. However, we are proud of their sprit for Japanese and they gave us encourage.

godzilla_rabbit said...

I can't wait for the next FIFA world cup. They'll carry through further to the top.

cuteandcurls said...

A wee bit late for me to comment but i just want to say Japan did very well in the World Cup, I enjoyed watching their matches. I just think when it comes to free kicks and penalty kicks they need to improve more because they attack and defend very good :-) It was 'painful' to watch when they had to go through penalty shoot out, i was cheering them on all the way.

Sweet Memory said...
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Sweet Memory said...

The director of Japanese national team changed. He is an Italian.
Next international match is against Argentina. I'm sorry that Messi won't come to Japan.