Sunday, April 25, 2010

Q,P Mayonnaise マヨネーズ

There are a lot of delicious seasonings in Japan. Soy sauce or Miso is typical Japanese taste.

I think mayonnaise made in Japan is so delicious. I saw a topic that Japanese mayonnaise, Q.P mayonnaise is sold well at Amazon in US.

In Japan two mayonnaise mainly are sold, one is Q.P Mayonnaise and Ajinomoto's mayonnaise.
Mayonnaise is sold in plastic squeeze bottle. Kewpie doll is a mascot of Q.P and it is so cute.

Japanese love mayonnaise. it is used in Japanese food well. We call people who especially are addicted to it and eat it well, Mayolar マヨラー. It is new Japanese word and recently is used in daily life. However, mayonnaise is high calorie. Too much eating is not healthy. I like it and sometimes use for sauce of salad. It is very delicious and convenience seasoning.


Lyren said...

Japanese mayonnaise is love <3

Tim, Lisa, Trenton, and Grant said...

Japanese forks are chopsticks.

Unknown said...

When i first ate qp mayo, i think it taste weird because of the slight sourness. I didnt expect that because nobody told me that japanese mayo has a bit of sour taste. But since i bought a bottle of qp so i need to finish it up and in that process i become addicted to japanese mayo. Im going to buy my second bottle later :) loovee