Sunday, April 18, 2010

White Kazoku (Family)

Today's topic is dog. Hachi in Shibuya is very famous, However, the most well-known dog now is a white dog of "White Kazoku (family)".

White Kazoku is a campaign charactor of Soft Bank that is one of mobile phone in Japan.
(There are three mobile phone campanies in Japan. The others are NTT (Docomo) and KDDI(AU.))

Family members are father, mother, daughter and son. This family appears in daily TV comercial. This white dog is the father (お父さん) of the family. You might be think a dog is father of human beings. He can speak Japanese. Father's voise is dubbed by a famous actor.

When I saw these TV commercials at first, I thought it was strange. However, the situation is very funny. There are a lot of version of commercials. I attached the site of TV commercial series. When you see them, you will like him.

Father, Otou-san, お父さん (white dog) is very cute...

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