Sunday, April 11, 2010

招き猫 (Maneki Neko)

Which do you like, dogs or cats ? We often ask someone a question about pets. I like dog better than cats. There are a lot of people that have pets and dogs and cats is so common for pets.
(I have no pets.)
Now cats (Neko 猫) is very popular. I heard a news in TV that some photo books about cats are sold well. I like kitten, however, I am a little bit scary about big cats.
Maneki neko 招き猫 is very cute and I like it. It is a traditional ornament for bringing customers in business or 商売繁盛 Shoubai Hanjou (this is a slogan that we use when we hope that business prospers)
We sometimes see it in shops or restaurants in Japan. Maneki (verb, Maneku 招く) means beckon. This is a cat for bring good luck.
Animals or pet sometimes heal in our life. Maneki neko isn't real animal. However, the look is so cute, it might bring fortune to us.

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cuteandcurls said...

I like cats ^_^ I grew up with kittens and cats all my life. If I go back home to my parents I always like playing with all of them, currently I think we've got 20 felines (cats and kittens altogether). I like the maneki neko, in my apartment ive got one facing the door..i just like to put it as part of my deco ^_^