Saturday, April 3, 2010

Haruichiban 春一番

Spring comes. Beautiful cherry blossoms (Sakura) bloom now. Everything begins in April. New term begins at school. Recruits who graduate from university or high school join a company.

There are some words that express each season. Haruichiban 春一番 is a very symbolic word for Japanese spring. Haruichiban 春一番 means the first gale of spring in the end of February or March. We can hear this word in weather report. "Haru" 春 means spring and "ichiban" 一番 means first or No.1.

When haruichiban blow, it is a sign that long winter in Japan ends at last and we feel spring. Everyone wait for spring. March in this year was very cold after haruichiban blew. We couldn't take off winter coat for a long time. Now it becomes warmer in April.

I hate the gale, however, I like the sound of Haruichiban, I don't know why.

I want to add new part "My favorite phrase " in my blog. I will update when I'm touched or find good phrases. Please sometimes check it.


Marie borgan hågensen said...

i want to see the sakuras with my own eyes. on pictures they are soo beautiful!

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment!
Sakura is so cute and beautiful. There are a lot of sakura trees in Japan. I'm grad that you are interested in Japanese things. I hope you enjoy seeing sakura someday in Japan