Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake

I think that most well-known cake for Japanese is Strawberry shortcake. The shape is different from other countries one. I love it and sometimes I want to eat. I have eaten it when I was a child. Strawberry shortcake was one of favorite cakes for especially children at this time.

Strawberry (Ichigo 苺) is very popular fruits. It is sweet and has acidity. Ichigo gari いちご狩り is a event in spring. Ichigo gari means picking fresh strawberries. We normally can eat them that we want to eat per one time ichigo gari within limited time, for example, 30 minutes. I have gone to Ichigo gari several times. Picking and eating fresh strawberry in the air is so nice.

Strawberry shortcake is made of sponge cake, whip cream and strawberry. All ingredients are tempting. Japanese shortcake is delicious. If you visit Japan, please try to eat.

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Anana said...

love cake and love stawberries!!
thank you for the post, very interesting :)