Saturday, February 20, 2010

Taiyaki たいやき

There are a lot of Japanese cakes (wagashi 和菓子). Taiyaki たいやき is one of hot cakes and shape is a fish that is called Tai 鯛 (bream). The mold is made in the shape of fish. Taiyaki is sold at the special stand,"taiyaki-ya" 鯛焼き屋. It is one of food of cold season, however, we can eat all the year around. Bean paste is put in the body of taiyaki. Taste is simple but it is so delicious. Tai, bream is thought as a lucky fish in Japan. It is eaten as congratulatory food. Japanese "Medetai" めでたい means happy or auspicious. "Tai" of Medetai rhymes with "Tai" as fish.

There is a song of Taiyaki. The song is "Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun" . It was a song in TV program for children in 1975. And it became big hit in the year.

I ate Taiyaki today. Taiyaki is well-known cake in Japan. I recommend you to eat it when you visit Japan.


yanub said...

What a pretty cake! I love bean paste with rice flour cakes. Are taiyaki made with rice flour?

Thank you for telling about たい. I understand better now about the meaning of that fish.

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your first comment!
Taiyaki is made of normal flour, not rice flour. I haven't cooked it. Generally we buy it at stand.

We sometimes ask when we eat taiyaki.
"Which part of taiyaki do you eat at first, head or tail ?" I always eat the head of fish at first.