Thursday, February 25, 2010

Her Challenge

Figure Skating for women in Vancouver Olympic game is No.1 topic now. The most popular skater in Japan, Mao Asada is an idol for us and almost Japanese people cheer her. Her performance was excellent yesterday. She jumped triple axel and it is first time at olympic. We could see her performance many times at news or TV program.

I saw her especial TV program last week. I was touched her interview. The music of free skating this year is "The Bell" by Rachmaninof and the tune is very heavy and solemn. Her performance or music has been always lovely and cute. Her character and impression are pure and cute, too.

Two musics were selected this time, "The Bell " and another classic. Another music matched her character. However, she decided "The Bell", heavy one. She said in her interview. If she would skate with another classic, her performance wouldn't change. It is useless for her to skate with similar tune. "The Bell" is her challenge.

Certainly I thought the music was mismatched when I heard first time. However, I admired her decision. I thought she was just an athlete. I hope she gets gold medal. But I'd like to see her challenge and best performance.

Almost Japanese people will cheer her tomorrow. "Mao chan Ganbare!!"


cornogamba said...

It will be very hard to beat Yu-Na Kim, certainly we'll see a great show tonight (here in Italy...from 2 to 6 a.m.).
Our Carolina Kostner won the european championship last month, and here at the olympics game she managed to mantain her position of first among the europeans..but she is very far from the others..only fifth...too many points of difference from the medals.
In fact this upcoming medal (or medals) for Japan will sign the overtaking of Italy in the number of olympic medals won in this edition of the games..currently Italy is 19th and japan is 20th..for Italy is a very disappointing edition of the winter few medals...

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment!
She oouldn't get gold medal this time. However, we are proud of her challange and two triple axel jumps in Olympic games.
Her performance deserves a gold medal for us.