Sunday, January 31, 2010

ランドセル "Randoseru"

Almost elementary school students walk to school and carry on their Japanese special school bag, Randoseru ランドセル. It's like backpack. Randoseru for boys is black and it for girls is red. Randoseru is sturdy and used for six years.

I used it for six years when I was elementary school students. I was six years old when I carry on first time. Since it is made of leather or artificial leather, it was very heavy and big for a little girl. However, I was glad to have randoseru. And it is so useful and economical. We don't need to change new randoseru for six years.

I like to see children who walk to school and shoulder their randoseru in the morning. I remember my childhood when I see randoseru. Randoseru is a symbol for elementary school students for our happy school days for Japanese.


cuteandcurls said...

I love it when there is an object that you can connect to your childhood. Like this randoseru, when you see it reminds you of school. I didnt even know that this is officially the bag used by school children. Does the school provide them or do you have to buy them? They sure look sturdy.

Sweet Memory said...

Parents buy randoseru for their son or daughter to celebrate the enrollment. Sometimes grandfather or grandmother buy it.