Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Natsukashii Love Song

I heard my favorite love song on the radio today. It is a famous love song "Missing". It was a song about twenty years ago. However, it is a beautiful ballad. Toshinobu Kubota is a J-POP singer and I like his songs. I had forgotten the song "Missing" until I heard it today. I thought "Natsukashii" 懐かしい in Japanese. It is very difficult to explain my feeling. This song carries me back to my good memories twenty years ago. Also I felt again this was beautiful song.

When you hear some old songs, you will feel sentimental or "Natsukashii". I introduce my Natsukashii love songs.

"Missing" and "La la la love song" by Toshinobu Kubota

* "La la la love song" is his super hit song in 1996.

"Love Love Love" by Dreams Come True

"Love Love Love" English version

* "Dreams Come True" ドリームズ カム トゥルー is famous J-Pop group and "Love Love Love" is a super hit song in 1995. We usually call this group "Dorikamu" ドリカム as an abbreviation.

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