Saturday, November 21, 2009

Udon うどん - Japanese Noodle

Autumn season comes. It gets colder. What do you eat when you catch a cold in your country?

I catch a cold now. What do I want to eat? I want to simple Udon, based on dashi(stock) and soy sauce soup. Udon is a one of Japanese hot noodle. There are a lot of kinds and regional varieties. When I don't want to eat much because of illness, Udon is the best food for me. Because it is not oily and easy to eat.

I think Japanese people like noodles. Other noodle, Soba is very special Japanese noodle. We can eat it like hot Udon. However, it is cold noodle (Zaru soba) and we eat putting the noodle in special dashi soup. Zaru is a Japanese bamboo basket and Zaru soba is put on soba noodle on the basket.

When you eat noodles in Japan, it is OK to suck and make a noise. It is not bad manner. The noise sounds delicious for Japanese people. If you visit Japan, I recommend to eat some Japanese noodles. They are so delicious and Japanese particular food culture.


Walter said...

Our classic for coold weather and after catching a cold is chicken broth.
I love preparing and eating Udon noodles with tofu and wakame in miso soup for breakfast ( click here to see my blog post :) . If you don't slurp you can't eat the noodles while they are still very hot.I always slurp , in any country.
Whenever in London , I never miss passing by Japan center to eat miso and pork ramen.

Sweet Memory said...

I have thought slurping is bad manner in Western culture when you eat soup or noodles. For even cold noodles we may slurp. Miso Udon that you made seems delicious.
There are two types of Udon, based on soy sause and Miso. Also there are some types of Udon noodles like pasta. We can eat some types of Udon noodles.

Ramen is very popular for Japanese people. A lot of variation...
Origin of ramen is Chinese, however, I think Ramen becomes Japanese food now. There are a lot of Ramen shops in Japan. I love ramen, too.