Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carpet of falling leaves

I drove today. Trees are so nice.

I like this season because leaves in trees turns red or yellow. And falling leaves (落葉) are like carpet on the roads.

Maple (Momiji もみじ or かえで) in Japan is very beautiful and one of symbolic trees in autumn.

There are a lot of deciduous trees in Japan. Japanese people enjoy seeing beautiful scenery of Momiji. It calls it "Momiji Gari" もみじ狩り”.

I went to Kyoto about few years ago in Autumn. I enjoyed seeing Momiji or colorful leaves there. Especially falling leaves of Momiji in Toufukuji (東福寺), one of famous temples for beautiful scenery, was amazing ! Momiji was just like picturesque red carpet.

We can see cherry blossomes in spring and Momiji or other colorful leaves in autumn.    


cuteandcurls said...

Though I come from a country that does not experience 4 seasons, I do like the Autumn season. I hope I will be able to go there next year and experience it. So based on your blog, Kyoto is the best place to see the them?

Sweet Memory said...

How long will you be eble to stay in Japan? Though it depends on time and money, Tokyo is so excited city and there are a lot of plave for sightseeing. You can enjoy only Tokyo.

If you have a lot of time, for example, two or three weeks, Kyoto is the best place to know Japanese history or old culture. Temples or shrines are beautiful and solemn. Also there are a lot of delicious Kyoto's foods. However, charge of bullet train (shinkansen)from tokyo and Kyoto might be expensive.

cuteandcurls said...

Im not sure yet how long maybe 3 weeks, I have always been more intrigued with Hokkaido ..i dont know why and if Im there I'd like to properly plan out how to meet each of my pen pals who live in different parts of Japan :-) so i hope to do this by Autumn 2011 :-)