Sunday, October 18, 2009

Villon's Wife ヴィヨンの妻

Dazai Osamu is very famous and popular novelist. He or his works is often picked up this year because 2009 is 100th anniversary year. "Run, Melos" (走れメロス) or "No longer human" (人間失格) is his masterpiece.

I saw a Japanese film, "Villon's Wife", yesterday. The background is postwar Japan. The story of this film is based on his work of same title. It is a love story of one couple. Leading male character is a talented author, has a girlfriend. He always thinks to want to die. He is the worst husband, however his wife loves him. Also his wife is a woman who he really loves.
His wife is old styled and typical Japanese woman, obedient, however very strong. Just like Japanese adjective, Shinayaka しなやか or Taoyaka たおやか.
Her line in last scene is unforgettable.

Takako Matsu, plays his wife, is a beautiful actress and her performance in this film is excellent. She is so talented and I like her.
I could know Tokyo after World War Ⅱin this film. People was very poor, however, lively. Also you can enjoy a world of Osamu Dazai and old life in Tokyo.

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