Sunday, October 11, 2009

運動会 (School sports)

Sunny day in Autumn is very easy to spend and sky is so blue. Holiday in October is Taiku no hi. 体育の日 (Physical Education Day).

We can see school sports at weekend in Autumn season. School sports (運動会Undoukai) is special event at elementary school and junior high school in Japan. It is held once in a year. Students play a lot of games or sports. It is very enjoyable event for students.
Some games at elementary school are special. Tamaire 玉入れ, it is a game to put balls in a basket, Tug- of-war 綱引き and so on. There are some games that parents can participate.
Relay race for each class is final sports. Relay is very exciting for everyone. I like it. Undoukai is special event for parents. They take the seats that they can see this big event on playground. Fathers bring handy camera and shoot their children who play games. Mother make lunch box (Bento bento) and each family eat it on the seat.

We have a lot good or bad memories for Undoukai. I like hearing children's voice or cheer in front of school. I remember my memories at school days.

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