Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mos Burger

There are a lot of fast-food restaurants in Japan. Especially young people like and eat these foods. Low price is one of reason that they like. I hardly eat fast food in daily life. I don't like hamburger or these junk foods. However, I sometimes want to eat hamburger or fried potato. When I think so, there is my favorite fast-food restaurant to go to eat. It is Mos Burger.

Mos Burger is Japanese fast-food restaurant. Teriyaki burger is my favorite menu.
Mos rice burger is special menu of it. Its bun is rice.
And the place of origin is mentioned in the restaurant. It is good point for me.

There are a lot of normal menu as fast-food restaurant. When you visit Japan and you want to eat hamburger, I recommend you try it.


dtedac said...

I looked at the raisubaagaa on the Mos Burger page and I like the looks of them. The different fillings of the baagaazu look interesting too. If I get to Japan, I would definitely try them. I saw prices like 280-350 yen. Is that reasonable or more expensive than other places like McDonalds?


Sweet Memory said...

I think humburgers of Mos Burger is more expensive than McDonalds or other places.
I can't believe cheeper food. McDonald's ones in Japan is too cheep. Sometimes 100 yen (one coin)of a humburger for sale. I think it is so surprised and never eat it.

ssmkj リムユーティン said...


My most fav. fast food is mos burger too. There is a lot Mos Burgers outlets in Singapore. As compared to KFC, McDonalds...etc Mos burgers actually little more expensive but i still like it very much.

But i am not too sure is there any taste difference as compared to Singapore. =)