Saturday, June 27, 2009

Off The Wall

I was surprised at a big news yesterday morning. It is that Michael Jackson died. He was an American pop music icon in Japan. There are a lot of his fans and special report for him was reported in TV news yesterday. Now his albums are sold out after his death.

I wasn't an ardent fun, however I used to listen to his songs when I was a junior high school student. "Thriller" , "Bad" or "Billy Jean" was big hit song in our country. His dance was special and fantastic in his music video. I listen to his album "Off the wall" before he became big star and it was one of my favorite albums.

I listen to his songs now. My favorite songs, "Rock with you" , "She is out of my life", "Human nature" , "Man in the mirror" and so on. I think they are good songs and evoke memories of my school days. Also I feel fresh when I listen now.

I can't believe his death, however his songs go down in my memory.

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