Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teru Teru Bozu and Snail

It has been humid and muggy in resent days. Rainy season in Japan is very humid.

Teru teru bozu is an essential item for children. It is used as a kind of charm to stop raining. It is a paper doll and easy to make for them. When a child wishes that it becomes sunny next day, he or she makes teru teru bozu and hung it in front of the house. I used to make it before I went to picnic. I believed my wish came to be true.

Snail is symbolic animal of rainy season. It crawls on leaves of Ajisai in raining day. I didn't be scared of snail when I was a child. I could even hold it. However, I dislike it now because it is slimy.

Now I don't like rainy season in Japan. However I didn't feel unpleasant, when I was a child. Teru teru boze or snails is an good memories in my childhood.

Teru teru bozu


cornogamba (baka-S.G.) said...

"teru teru boze" and similar things are very interesting to me .. the various regions of italy are very rich in those kind of things (as well as, i am sure, every other country in the world ;-) ...).
i am sometimes struck by the strange similarities between italy and japan.
Thanks for posting about it.

Sweet Memory said...

It is interesting. I did't know there are some similarities in both countries. I'd like to know what is similar things.

Thank you for your information !