Sunday, July 12, 2009

島国 (Shimaguni) Island country

There are some battles of various nationalities in the world. I read or see about these world news in recent days. I feel sad when I know these facts.
Japan consists of a lot of small islands as you know and we sometimes say Japan is 島国 (Shimaguni). I think we can live happily without these conflicts.

However,culture or custom is subtly different by two areas, east and west, or 47 prefectures in Japan. Dialect, food culture or various customs as each districts etc.
There is a TV show that introduces differences of each prefectures. I like to see it.
I can know various difficulties and am surprised at them every time. It is like 47 nationalities live here though Japan is a small country. Especially there are a lot of different food cultures in Japan.

Your impression for Japan might be different by places you visit in Japan. This diversity is our feature.


dtedac said...


The TV show you mentioned sounds very interesting. I may try to see if the show is online somewhere.

I know that Japan has had little mixing with other ethnic groups. The one people group on the Japanese islands that was different was the Ainu. I think the Ainu have been assimilated into Japanese culture, although I believe that there are some Ainu who want to preserve the old ways.

It is very interesting to see that the different prefectures have some different customs. I always imagined that the different islands of Japan (Hokkaidoo, Honshuu, Shikoku, Kyuushuu) would have some differences, but the prefectures are unique also. It does make sense, because the various regions of Japan existed with limited communications until the last hundred years or so.

I hope your summer is going well.


Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your message.

As you mentioned some Ainu people live in Japan and I think there are some people who want to preserve their culture. I thought we shouldn't forget Ainu's history in Hokkaido for Japanese.

Rainy season in Tokyo is over. So it was very hot today.

I hope you enjoy this summer season!

Umair said...

I've been checking your blog from time to time for the past couple of weeks. Just never had anything to comment about.
Just wanna let you know that u're doing a good job. keep it up!

ps: I've watched Himitsu Kenmin once. Downloaded it from the internet. Loved it.

Walter said...

I don't have hydrangeas in my garden , but I do know about growing them.
They are fascinating because the species with colored flowers (pink or blue) change the colors of their flowers depending on whether they can absorb aluminum from the soil.
You can find out how , here :)
BTW , the white ones don't change color.

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, Umair

I'm glad for your first message about my blog. Please continue to read it.

Sweet Memory said...

Hello, Walter

Thank you for your information.
I heard from my friend and knew about the change of color of hydrangeas recently. I thought power of nature is amazing and we should appreciate this power.

Unknown said...

You are totally right. My impression towards Japan is different depending on the place i visited in Japan. People in Kansai area much more friendlier than people in Tokyo.

When i was in Oita ken, most of people i saw there were an elderly and they were super duper kind. Im soooo touched. There was one time when i was waiting for a bus and suddenly an obachan without saying anything gave me a candy (its look like rock salt but its sugar. What is it? Do they made the candy themselve?). Im so happy at that time and there many other good memories happened in Beppu.

When i moved from kyushuu-kansai to tokyo for some reason i felt sad (kind of homesick). Tokyo is fun but very busy with young people like me and not that friendly. (just my genuine opinion. Hope no hard feelings)

Sweet Memory said...

I agree with you. Cuuntry person is very kinder than people who live in Tokyo.
However, people in Tokyo came from other prefectures. True Tokyoites are fewer than people came from other prefectures. It is so funny. Do people become not friendly to live in Tokyo ?
I don't know why...

Unknown said...

Maybe its the environment. Tokyo is a busy city so i think they are a bit under stress. Maybe...

In my country also. I dont think those who live in big cities know their neighbours.. :(