Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunomono (酢の物)

I ate a typical Japanese food, Sunomono(酢の物), yesterday. It is very healthy and sour taste of vinegar. It's like marinade. Marinade sauce is called "Sanbaizu" (三杯酢). Ingredients of Sunomono in my home are soft seaweed (Wakame), cucumber and Perilla frutescens (aojiso).
  1. Put wakame in hot water about for twenty minutes, drain the water after washing off and cut it.
  2. Cut cucumber in round slices, salt and drain the water after washing off.
  3. Mix wakame and sliced cucumber with Sanbaizu ( rice vinegar : soy sauce : sugar = 3:1:2 It is basic quantity. )
  4. Put sliced aojiso on the mixture.

It is better to put it in refrigerator before eating.

I like Sunomono. When I don't want to eat fatty food or it is hot weather, Sunomono is excellent for me.

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