Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ikemen (Nice-looking guy)

Ikemen is new Japanese word and we, especially women use this word. "Ikemen" means nice-looking man. For example, we often say "That waiter is Ikemen !"

Recently young and popular actor, Hiro Mizushima and female singer, Ayaka, were married. It was a big topic last week. He is one of very popular actors now. He has a lot of female fans. He is just "Ikemen".

I think almost women in any countries like Ikemen. We often talk about Ikemen actors with our friends. If you know this Japanese word, it might be useful for conversation with Japanese female friends.
Now a young actor is very popular for Japanese women. His name is Shun Oguri. He frequently appears in mass media now. I saw a film that he is starred in. The title is Kisaragi キサラギ. It was so interesting film. I recommend to see it if you have a chance.

Who is your Ikemen in your country now ?

* Below is new good song of Ayaka. I like it.


cornogamba (baka-S.G.) said...

and the word "bishonen"? i believed that "bishonen" would means "good looking man", is it wrong?

Sweet Memory said...

Yes, it's right, almost same meaning. However, Bishonen 美少年 is used for only boys. "少年" means boy. ("美" means beautiful.) For girls, we say bishojo 美少女.

We can use Ikemen about men for any ages. However, we actually might use Ikemen for young men.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm a Malaysian Chinese living in USA who is very interested in anything Japanese. It all started when my Japanese friend introduced me to some Jdoramas, and now I am hooked. From there, I would pick up some easy Japanese words. I like Yamashita Tomohisa very much - he is currently my #1 idol. I think he is a good-looking man, has great talents in acting and singing (and he also has sexy dance moves!!), and most importantly, he is very family-oriented and humble.

~ Shirley

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment. Tomohisa Yamashita is very popular among young girls. He is exactly Ikemen.
I'm glad you are interested in Japanese TV drama series. Also I hope you have interest for other Japanese culture.

Unknown said...

Yeap they are ikemen. I love Hiro. I think he has a very good acting skill. Love to see him in Tokyo Dogs. Same goes to Oguri Shun. Like his hairstyle in Tokyo Dogs. Currently I am watching Oguri Shun's drama titled Rich Man Poor Woman. Do you watch this drama? I like the theme song by miwa its very catchy :)

D_A Renoir said...

So how is the word "ikemen" used? Is it possible to say "Watashi wa ikemen" to say "I am a hot guy"?

Sweet Memory said...

Probably the man doesn't say "I'm Ikemen".
(Watashi wa ikemen)

For example, there are two girls and they find a nice-looking man in the street. When they talk about him, they say "He is so Ikemen."