Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Salaried Workers' Lunch Box

I read a topics about lunch boxes in newspaper recently. Various lunch boxes for salaried workers are sold in shops now.

It has been usual for women to prepare lunch (Bento in Japanese). Mothers prepare for their children, women prepare for herself or wives prepare for their husband. Especially lunch that wives prepare is called "Aisai Bento". (愛妻弁当) 

Salaried workers prepare for themselves now. As our custom, it was said Japanese man shouldn't cook in kitchen. Cooking has long been a work for women in domestic life. However, It is an advantage for Japanese men to be able to cook well nowadays. And single men that prepare lunch and bring the lunch box to their office increase. It is to save the money for lunch and overcome depression. Some of them introduce their original lunch in their blogs.

It is welcome for women that men who can cook well increase. It is good season to go out with lunch box and eat lunch in the air. Let's go for a picnic with new lunch box !

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