Saturday, April 18, 2009

MUJI 無印良品

MUJI is a name of Japanese brand. I like its goods. Design is so simple and not expensive. We can buy various necessity for our life. Stationary, furniture, foods, or dresses etc. I like MUJI shops. There are a lot of shops in Tokyo.

There is a cafe in some MUJI shops and I sometimes go for a lunch at Meal MUJI in Yurakucho (有楽町). Meal MUJI is a cafe and I like this place and atmosphere in the cafe. There are some types of plate lunch and breads. I have favorite lunch there. A lot of plate seeing foods are displayed in the showcase. I can choose three type of a few portions of plates. Every foods seem to be so delicious. The cost of this lunch with a cup of drink is about 1,000 yen. Since it is spacious cafe, women who have their babies can eat close to baby buggy.

I like to see various MUJI goods there after lunch. I sometimes buy some attractive goods. It is one of my pleasures. New Meal MUJI is recently opened in Shinjuku (新宿).

There are shops in some countries. If you go there in your country, you might find your favorite goods.  


dtedac said...

Hello. I just rediscovered your blog. I wrote you a comment last May about an entry you made about Mito Koumon. I have read your posts and I am enjoying your comments very much. Kono burogu wa ichiban desu. (Maybe my Japanese is wrong, but I try.) I hope you continue the blog. Omedetou!


Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment!!
I remember your comment for Mito Komon. Your Japanese is perfect ! My vocabulary is so poor and English in this blog might be grammatically. But I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog. Please continue reading it.