Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ohzumo (Grand Sumo) Tornament

大相撲(Ohzumo) begun last week at Ryogoku in Tokyo. It is the first tournament this year now. Sumo is very popular sports in Japan and one of big topics during tournament. I like to see it. There are six tournaments within a year and one tournament is for 15 days. Sumo is on air every day.
There are two Yokozuna (grand champion), Asashoryu and Hakuho who are Mongolians. One of them, Asashoryu 朝青龍 has a lot of fans because he is a powerful sumo wrestler. He is probably most popular. However, he was sometimes criticized for his behavior as a grand champion.
He hasn't kept good condition. He defaulted some tournaments last year. His reputation before this tournament was terrible. It was said that he was not fine or he haven't practiced enough. Everyone said he might retire Sumo. There are 15 matches and if Yokozuna loose more 8 matches, he must retire Sumo. This is a rule.

But our prospect was wrong. He wins all matches until now. Every sumo fans watches his matches with enthusiasm every day. I like to watch his match on TV. If you stay during these tournaments in Japan, I'd like you to watch it once.

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