Wednesday, January 14, 2009

K-20 and ZEN (禅)

I have seen two Japanese films in this month. One is K-20 and another one is ZEN.

K-20 : This is a movies starring Takeshi Kaneshiro. The story is like Hollywood movie "Batman" or "Spider Man". Takeshi Kaneshiro is so cool. He is Japanese-Taiwanese actor. He appears recent Chinese movie "Red Cliff" that directed by John Woo.
The main character, "怪人二十面相 Kaijin Nijumenso " (The man with 20 faces) in the movie is one of character in the detective story series of
Rampo Edogawa who is famous Japanese author. However, the story of this movie is independent of these novels.
The story was so-so, however, I was happy to see Takeshi Kaneshiro in big screen.

ZEN (禅): It was excellent Japanese movie. It is a story of 道元. I know his name because I just learned in Japanese history lessons. However, I have never learn doctrine of Zen at school.
I think almost Japanese won't be able to explain what is
Zen. I could know about his life and how he familiarized his Zen to people through this movie. I was touched about his life and teachings. Each people is the universe and there is Buddha (Hotoke 仏) in our body. Though I have been interested in Zen and read books, I had more interests in Zen after watching it.
Kantaro Nakamura who performed main role is one of member of famous Kabuki family. His performance is excellent in this movie. And his father, Kanzaburo Nakura, is famous Kabuki actor. He has played traditional Kabuki in New York several times. And his younger brother, Shichinosuke Nakamura appeared in "Last Samurai" of Hollywood movie as a role of Meiji Emperor.

I'd like to mention his important phrase for this movie. It is expressed that it is necessary that we feel greatness of nature in each four seasons.

春は花 夏ほととぎす 秋は月 冬雪さえて 涼しかりけり

* Eihei-ji is his Zen temple in Fukui prefecture.

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