Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Happy New Year 謹賀新年

It is fine and calm day. I ate traditional Japanese food, Osechi ryori

This is soy sauce based Zoni of my home. I love it.

Kamaboko and Datemaki

I went to shrine for Hatsumode. There were a lot of people at the shrine and prayed for our happy life in this year. I received new years postcards (Nengajo) from my friends. Reading these postcards is pleasure time for me.

I read sad world news today. It is disappointed that some people couldn't spend safely at this new year.

January 1 is a good day that we plan how we spend in this year. I will plan for my schedule of this year tonight.


Peekaboo said...

Happy New Year!

Thank you for more than a years worth of interesting posts. Reading your blog somehow makes me calm and happy so I hope you continue in 2009 as well :)

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful New Year!

Sweet Memory said...

A Happy New Year !

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm happy you have enjoyed my posts. I will post Japanese things. And I hope you sometimes leave your comment.