Sunday, January 4, 2009

笑う門に福来る Fortune comes in by merry gate

We always hope that fortune comes to us. "福" means happiness or good luck in Japanese. We see this letter at new year in Japan.
Almost shops for dresses or accessories sell "Fukubukuro" at first day in new year. Fukubukuro (福袋) is big bag that some special goods of this shop are put in. It is very reasonable price and we can get more worthier goods than actual price. We can't know what goods are put in this bag. Opening the bag is very exciting time for us. If we like the contents, it is lucky. Everyone, especially women, like it. A lot of people go shopping and buy it.

I like this proverb, 笑う門に福来る. (Warau Kado ni Fukukitaru) When I laugh, I feel very happy. When I am happy, I feel everything is better. And smile makes us happy. Everyone who bought Fukubukuro smile and they seems happy.
I believe humor, laughing and smiling gives us "福".

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What is the meaning of "Ogre with an iron club"? Thank you.