Monday, December 29, 2008

How to spend in the end of the year for me

I live in Tokyo. Tokyo is my hometown. So I will clean up my house or prepare traditional decorations for new year. Other people who have another hometown go home by airplane or Shinkansen. And they will spend their hometown in new year.

When I go to bookstore in the end of the year, I can find a lot of fortunetelling books. I don't care about fortunetelling usually. I sometimes read fortunetelling in fashion magazines. (I think Japanese women like fortunetelling.) However, I recently bought a fortunetelling book of Feng shui (風水) for 2009 and I read it carefully. Feng shui is a Chinese thought. I knew that there is good directions in 2009. In case of me, good directions in 2009 is southeast and northwest. A lot of things were mentioned in this book. Since I was unlucky this year, I will try to do good things in the book next year in order to remove bad conditions.

I have my recent favorite songs. Listening to good musics is good way to relax and change my gloomy emotions me.

はじめて by 一青窈 She is Taiwanese-Japanese and I think she is excellent poet. I like her songs. This is a song for charity of TV program. It is very beautiful melody.

Another song is Hi-Five by Superfly. I recently know this band, Superfly. I like voice of vocal. Her voice gives me power and energy.

How do you spend in the end of the year ?

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