Friday, December 26, 2008

Shiwasu 師走 - The end of this year

It is extremely windy and cold day, however, Sky in Tokyo is so blue and beautiful.

I can feel the end of the year because of this cold. Xmas season was over yesterday. We prepare new year. Western mood in town changes to Japanese mood.
We call December "Shiwasu" 師走. This is the name of the lunar calendar. (Each months have another name like this.)
This Chinese character (Kanji ) express very busy month. "師"means priests and "走" means run.

December is busy for everyone. Today is last day in this year at almost of Japanese offices. And from January 1 to 3 is holiday (Sanganichi) in Japan. January 4 and 5 next year are Saturday and Sunday. It is long holiday for us.

A lot of things, good or bad things, happens this year. Japanese economy declines suddenly. We are anxious about our life. However, we must have our hope.

Don't look back on the past, look toward the future. Be positive about our life.


Viruhi said...

Hello, Sweet Memory!!

I've just found your blog because I was looking for information about Mito koumon and I really like it! You have wrote many things about your culture and country. I'm interested in Japan and I also learn Japanese so I like knowing about daily routine or customs in other countries. For example, in my country (Spain) we students have a long holiday at Christmas (this year from 20 until 7), so I think this is different from each country according to our customs.

Thank you very much for sharing your "culture"! :D


P.S: I'll visit your blog again!! (add my favorites!) ;)

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your post. I am surprised that other countries people know about Mito Kokon.I have received some posts for it.
And I'm glad you are interested in Japanese thing and learn Japanese.
I think Japanese is beautful language.
I continue to write this blog.
I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions about Japanese life or your request, I'm glad if you would post.

それでは 良いお年を!(^^)!