Friday, October 3, 2008

Banana Diet

I like fruits and especially banana. It is tropical fruits and many bananas are imported from Philippine or Taiwan. Banana is one of very popular fruits in Japan. Now we can't buy bananas in supermarkets late afternoon. Banana is sold out soon.
There is a reason for this situation. Now banana diet is remarkable in Japan. Banana diet is that we eat only one or some bananas at breakfast. We can't eat other foods. It is OK to eat anything at lunch or supper. I knew it on a TV program recently. A Japanese singer tried to do it and lost weight.
Japanese women are always interested in some issues or products for diet. When a diet method is published on women's magazine or people hear about diet effect, almost women will try to do the methods.

Japanese women tend to think slender women like supermodels are attractive women. I think losing weight is most important topics for Japanese women. Many methods or products have become a topic among women ever. I want to get more slender now.

However, I think that adequate exercises and foods are important for our health. There is a good instruction for health in Japan. We call it "Hara Hachibun me" It is best way for keeping our health to eat quantity of 80 percents as one meal. This means we don't eat full (100 persents) as one meal. Eating too much is bad custom. Also chowing foods enough is good for health.
Anyway, losing weight healthfully is my aim. Do you try banana diet ?

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