Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nobel Prize - Four Japanese

Big news were reported in few days. Four Japanese wins Nobel price. Almost Japanese are proud of this news.
Receiving Nobel prize is splendid, however, we are worried about our future. Because it is said that literacy of young Japanese students declines in few years. We thought that intelligence and cleverness is one of characteristic for Japanese. However, we might correct this idea.
I think that Yutori Education is one of reason for decline of literacy.

On the other hand, a lot of quiz shows are produced as a variety shows at TV now. Or brain training (No-tre) of Nintendo DS is popular. Japanese people including adults are interested in knowledge or study again. And this news for Nobel prize will be one of chance for thinking about our education systems again.

I am assured that Japanese people have always inquiring mind or strive to improve for our ability. Diligence is our proud and have retrieved our life. I think that we must not forget it.

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