Friday, September 26, 2008

Writing Beautiful Letters

Fude (筆) means brush. I wrote this by Fude Pen 

When we see handwriting of other people, we often imagine the personality or intelligence of them. I think that beautiful letters makes a good impression as the person in Japan.
When I was a child, I have learned "Shodo" after school. Almost people learn it at school. I didn't know why I learn this. I just wrote the letters as the textbook. However, I understand that concentration is important when we write with a brush. We can't correct the letter on the paper or writing twice on the same line is prohibited. We are given one chance. There are various techniques for showing the letters beautifully. They are that how the brush is used on the paper or how space is effective ...
I practiced the letters many times. When I could write the beautiful letters, I felt so happy.
There is a simple brash like felt-tip pen in Japan. It is "Fude Pen" (Brush pen). When we write our name on special greeting cards or envelops for wedding or funeral, we often use Fude Pen.
I think that our feeling was mirrored in the letters. I endeavor to write letters carefully and beautifully.

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