Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Responsibility for New Prime Minister

Yesterday Taro Aso was elected as new leader.

Two prime ministers were resigned within about 2 years. When former prime minister, Yasuo Fukuda step down on September 1, we thought same thing. "Again ??" It is inconceivable for us. All of us were very disappointed about this situation. Prime minister must have responsibility. They gave up their tasks with no sweat. Where is responsibility?
There are a lot of problems in Japan now. Economy, foods, pension, etc. Now is time that all politicians must do their best to resolve these problems.

We have distrust for government. Almost of us don't think that the situation change as if prime minister is changed. It will be very difficult for new prime minister to get back our reliance for politics.
Taro Aso is very popular among especially young people because he loves manga or pop culture.
Young people recently don't have interest of politics in Japan. The rate of vote is always low. Since he became new prime minister, they might have interest for our country.

Is our country changed in future ? I hope that he has responsibility as a prime minister.

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