Saturday, September 13, 2008


I heard a news of Japanese movie, Tora-san series. This year is 40 anniversary of the movie. If you know Tora-san, you are Otaku for Japanese Culture.
"Otoko wa Turai yo" is movie title and has 48 series with subtitle. They were very popular in Japan. It has been released every year. Genre is comedy. Very interesting!! Kuruma Torajiro (Tora-san) is main character's name in this movie. I love this series and him !! He fall in love a woman and lost in love in every series.
When you see this film, you will know normal Japanese life, family, human relations and "Giri to Ninjo" of people who live in downtown (Shita-machi) of Tokyo. "Giri" means duty and "Ninjo" means humanity. I couldn't have understood how attractive this movie is when I saw it in my childhood. However, I can understand his kindness after I grow up.
Kiyoshi Atsumi who plays Tora-san was very attractive actor. His performance in these series is so excellent. These series were ended after he died by cancer.
New DVDs of Tora-san series were released last month in Japan. They are with English subtitle.
And I heard that these films would be screened at some big cities in the world.

Anyway, I want you to see these series once. You will be able to laugh and enjoy every series. I attach the website of 40 anniversary of Tora-san. (Sorry for no English translation)

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