Thursday, September 11, 2008


Origami is Japanese paper art. Orizuru (Crane of Origami) is very typical item and we have make Orizuru once in our childhood. I have liked to make Origami. Origami art is very creative because one work is made by one piece of paper. Other typical works are balloon (Fuusen), armor (Kabuto), frog (Kaeru), flowers.
Tsuru (Crane) is very auspicious bird in Japan and it is simbol of longevity. (Tortoise is also a symbol of longevity in Japan.)
Senba-zuru is special work. When someone is hospitalized, we make Senbazuru. It is for our wishes to recover from disease soon. It is not easy to make a thousands Orizuru. We make them with out whole heart. Therefore, making a thousand of Orizuru represents strong feeling for the patient.
Senbazuru is a symbol for peace. Though this is not thousands of Orizuru, I offer Orizuru for today and world peace...


Aaron Sonntag said...

I don't know Japanese, so please forgive me. I thought it should be senba tsuru. At least when I type the kanji on my computer I type senba in hirigana for this 千羽 and then I type tsuru in hirigana for this 鶴. Also, would it be senbatsuru or senba tsuru, in romanji? I see you linked to wikipedia, I think I am going to correct them! (^_^)b I look forward to your reply. I am writing a college paper on 千羽鶴 and I will share it with you when I am done.

Reddogg said...

oh, forgot to subscribe in case you reply!

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment!! Japanese pronunciation is sometimes complicated.
As senba-zuru, when two words ("senba" and "tsuru")are put together, sometimes pronountion is changed. In case of this, prononunciation "Tsu" changes "Zu".
I hope you understand my explanation.

Reddogg said...

I talked to a Japanese friend of mine about it because yesterday i saw senba duru on a jp site! she explained that this is a dialect difference and romanji tends to follow dialect since it is based on pronunciation. she demonstrated that duru and zuru both worked for typing the kanji for crane.

I still believe senba tsuru is most correct way because it works on several hirigana to kanji translators. It is very important for me to be able to type the characters reliably on a variety of operating system platforms. However I have read that the difficulty in writing the kanji by hand and the fact that most japanese also rely on the same transliteration tools i use for typing means that japanese are forgetting how to write/draw the kanji by hand. my friend confirmed this from her perspective.