Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today is Jugoya. Jugoya means night of full moon. We have a traditional custom in Japan. It is Tsukimi. Tsukimi is to view full moon in September. Weather in Tokyo today has a little cloud, however, I can see beautiful moon. Some typical offerings for Tsukimi are dango (white dumpling), Sake and Japanese pampas grass. There was porch (Engawa) at Japanese traditional house. We have enjoyed viewing the full moon at porch hearing chirp of bell-ringing crickets (Suzumushi) outside. We have felt beginning of autumn season.

Now we actually don’t do this custom at big city or town. We are forgetting these traditional customs like feeling nature or season, especially at town. Tsukimi might be a custom of other days. However, I will view the moon even if I don’t prepare the offerings.
every year. Not to forget this good Japanese custom.
By the way, what can you see in the full moon at your countries? In Japan, we imagine a rabbit that makes rice cake.

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