Thursday, August 14, 2008

Postcards in summer (暑中見舞い and 残暑見舞い)

We don't recently write a letter or postcard to friends. We can contact them easily now. Almost people use e-mail of cell phone or computer. Even elder people can use e-mail and contact with grandsons or granddaughters with photos. Handwriting is rare thing in daily life or business. It is so convenience, however, e-mail is sometimes literal and it is difficult to feel emotions of the sender. There is a custom to write postcard in summer in Japan.
"Shochu Omimai Moshi Agemasu" and "Zansho Omimai Moshi Agemasu" are first phrases to write in postcards. Japanese write postcards to ask friends how he or she has been getting along in summer. "Shochu" 暑中 means the hot period from the end of rainy season to Liqiu (August 7 in this year). and "Zansho" 残暑 means the heat after Liqiu. So we write "Shochu Mimai" before Liqiu and "Zansho Mimai" (We call each postcards as "Shochu Mimai " and "Zansho Mimai".)
I have received a Shoshu Mimai from my friend this year. I was very glad. Receiving a letter or postcard is glad and special for us. (Do you think so ?) As I mentioned before, we seldom write a letter now. However, I think that this is good custom.
This is image of Shoshu Mimai


Unknown said...

Dear Sweet Memory,

I love your postings and have spent the last 30 years sharing Japanese culture with others around the world.

I wondered if I could use your picture of the chochu mimai postcard in a newsletter. Is it an original of yours. I think people would love to see it.

Best regards,

Sweet Memory said...

Dear Diana

It is not my orinal one. I think I found it free templates on web site. So you can use this postcard anytime.

These cards are sold at stationary store now. And we can downlard some free templates on web site.
Under the below is one of them.

It is Japanese only, but you enjoy a lot of designs.